Outstanding technical skills, a willingness to help and a great sense of humor have earned Riley Wolf the honor of being Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s Employee of the Month.

Riley started her career at Animal Medical Center of Seattle in August of 2015 and has been an invaluable member of our ER/ICU department since.

Riley is always willing to jump in and help out with anything needed without complaint; from staying late for surgeries to helping clean up after a busy night. Not one to get flustered when things get hectic, she handles stressful situations easily, with a calm demeanor. She is fantastic at explaining things to owners at discharge and over the phone, and at comforting owners during difficult situations.

Riley not only has excellent patient care and technical skills, but she is also a blast to work with, possessing a sense of humor, a positive demeanor, and a refreshing smile.

We are honored to have Riley as a part of our veterinary team at Animal Medical Center of Seattle. We thank Riley for her wonderful contributions to our hospital and our patients!