Fantastic technical skills, fearlessness in tough situations, detail oriented and a great teacher; these are just some of the reasons that Kristin Funston, LVT was selected for the honor of May 2017 Employee of the Month.

Kristin has been an ER/ICU Veterinary Technician with Animal Medical Center of Seattle since April of 2014 and has built a reputation within our hospital as being the go to person/trainer of anything venipuncture, as her technical skills are outstanding. She is always looking to improve and learn more about veterinary emergency and critical care though and takes a challenge as a learning opportunity.

Kristin will enthusiastically jump in and help out with any department within AMCS as needed without hesitation. She fearlessly handles tough situations and is amazing with fractious patients. Kristin also provides meticulous attention to detail in everything she does, and genuinely cares deeply for the pets who are hospitalized.

Thank you so much, Kristin, for everything you do for us here at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle!