Referral Coordinators-Employee’s of the Month

Fantastic teamwork, a positive attitude, and above and beyond customer service have earned Chanel Arnoux, Danielle Bayas, Nicole Brighton and Bailey Morehouse the honor of all receiving employee of the month for the month of November.

We wanted to honor our wonderful ladies up front who have all gone above and beyond with their role as Referral Coordinators for the Animal Medical Center of Seattle family. They all have taken initiative in different areas to help make the addition of the Referral Coordinator responsibilities as smooth and efficient as possible. In addition to the extra added work they have all accepted, they have continued to provide each client with continued “above and beyond” customer service, while completing double the normal workload. You can always count on our Referral Coordinators to step up to the plate, whether it’s volunteering for an extra shift, or consoling a family who just lost their beloved pet.

Chanel, Nicole, Bailey and Danielle, we are all honored to have you as a part of the Animal Medical Center of Seattle team, and we thank you for everything you have done to make this a wonderful place to be.