The Animal Medical Center of Seattle will be making guest appearances on the KIRO radio show, “Raining Cats and Dogs” with host Shawn Stewart. The show airs every Saturday at 12:00 noon on 97.3fm.

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7/5/14 – AMCS joins Shawn to discuss Lymphoma

8/2/14 – AMCS joins Shawn to discuss Mast Cell Tumors

8/9/14 – AMCS  talks with Shawn about what to do with a pet in shock

9/20/14 -AMCS  joins the show to talk about lymphoma in cats

10/4/14 – Shawn talks with AMCS about what to do if your pet has a seizure

10/18/14 – AMCS talks about lumps and pet protrusions (segment at 9 minutes & 30 seconds)

11/17/14 – AMCS  discusses seizures in pets (segment at 10 minutes & 07 seconds)

12/6/14 – AMCS answers a listener question about how to tell when your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have. (segment at 31 minutes & 55 seconds)

12/20/14 – AMCS joins the show. (segment at 17 minutes & 01 second)

1/17/15 – AMCS talks with Shawn about Parties & Pet Emergencies. They discuss what types of emergencies are typically seen. They also cover what some of the dangers of entertaining in the home are and how to prevent them. 

2/21/15 – Chew on This! Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk joins the show to talk about your dog’s teeth (segment at 10:35)

3/21/15 – Dr. Megan Seekins discusses Springtime Toxins to avoid (segment at 11:26)

4/4/15 – Toof Talk – Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk talks about periodontal disease

4/25/15 – Too Hot for Hot Dogs – Shawn and Dr. Seekins discuss how all pets can be affected by the summer heat.

5/23/15 – Pothounds – Dr. Megan Seekins discusses veterinarians are seeing a spike in THC in the system of our pets

5/30/15 – Dog bites dog – Shawn and Dr. Megan Seekins discuss dogs biting other dogs.  

7/4/15 – Root Canal? No sweat for pets! – Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk talks about traumatic injuries, how it affects the teeth and treatments. 

7/18/15 – Dr. Adam Reiss talks about Canine Influenza. (segment at 6.30)

8/1/15 – Dr. Krystal Harris talks about cancer vaccines.

8/15/15 – Dr. Adam Reiss talks about pets and pot

9/19/15 – Dr. Kevin Attermeier talks about flea medications that are dangerous for cats