Oncology at Animal Medical Center of Seattle is going through a phase of transition and Dr. Stuart Helfand has now joined us as a visiting locum oncologist during this time.

Dr. Helfand comes to AMCS after retiring from more than 30 years in academic veterinary oncology. His career spans faculty appointments at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, and Oregon State University, actively engaged in both clinical and research aspects of veterinary oncology at each institution. He is a seasoned clinical oncologist with special interests in tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy, and targeted cancer therapies.

Cancer treatment is never a happy time but it is always a team effort comprised of the pet owner(s), the oncologist, and collaborating specialists who contribute to the pet’s cancer care, e.g., cancer surgeons, radiotherapists, radiologists, etc. Communication is the key, and above all, quality of the pet’s life is foremost. Dr. Helfand values and seeks input from pet owners and promotes setting goals together, based on the best current available information that helps to clarify treatment options. Compassionate care is always a priority, and client interaction and care of pets, members of the family, is a privilege.

During his academic career, Dr. Helfand has trained thousands of veterinary students in Veterinary Teaching Hospitals in the Oncology Clinic and classroom, a dozen oncology residents, seven of whom hold academic appointments at colleges of veterinary medicine in the US and Canada, graduate students, and undergraduates. He has lectured extensively nationally and internationally and has authored numerous articles published in veterinary and human oncology journals, book chapters, and proceedings.

Dr. Helfand is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University and did his oncology residency at UC Davis. Further training was as a selected participant at special workshops in clinical trials, and cell and molecular biology.

Please contact Aprille Leal, our referral coordinator, at 206-204-3366 to schedule appointments.