RYAN FRAZIER, LVT – Employee of the Month

Leading through adversity earned Ryan Frazier, LVT the honor of being Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s Employee of the Month.

Ryan has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician with AMCS since September of 2014 and serves as a Shift Lead for our ER/ICU department.

Having previously been an LVT Instructor, Ryan has strived to provide training, mentorship and guidance to our medical staff at AMCS. He has always made it a priority to nurture a collaborative and inclusive learning environment while remaining in a constant state of learning himself.

During a time of much transition and change in our specialty departments, Ryan stepped up from his comfort zone in ER/ICU and expanded his knowledge in Oncology and Internal Medicine to better serve our hospital’s needs.

His forward thinking and dedication provided a foundation to rebuild these departments. All the while he continued to train and mentor our medical staff during challenging times.

We are proud to have him as a part of our veterinary team at AMCS. We thank him for his wonderful contributions to our hospital and the patients we serve.