Why adopt a senior pet? There are so many reasons, but I’m sure Blossom’s story will explain everything…

At the age of 15 years, Blossom, a blind, toothless Chihuahua was surrendered to a high kill shelter in Southern California. Sadly her owners decided they no longer wanted her. It is here where she waited to find her forever home, no matter how slim the chances of her getting one were. You see, the young pups and popular breeds have a much better chance of getting adopted out than the older ones.

Amazingly, against all odds, just mere hours before Blossom was about to be euthanized, a woman from K9 Spirit took a walk through. She often frequented the high kill shelters, as she was out to save as many as she could. Blossom caught her eye.

This kind woman from K9 Spirit was transporting dogs from California to Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue in Puyallup, WA (http://sunnyskysshelter.org/), and Blossom was one of those lucky dogs. When Blossom arrived, they began working to get her medical needs taken care of. The owner of the rescue actually began taking Blossom back and forth from the shelter to her home each day for some much needed extra care; most senior pets encounter difficulties living the shelter life and Blossom was no different.

Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue put out a message that they had a little senior that really needed a home. A picture of Blossom was included in this message, and a special someone took note of this. Suzan didn’t know what it was that drew her to Blossom… was it her little black nose? Maybe even her eyes with the shine of cataracts? She immediately ran down to meet little Blossom at the shelter. It was at that moment that she knew she had to bring her home with her. What really sealed the deal was her cute little crooked tail!

At first Blossom was a little frightened, not in the best shape and Suzan was unsure how to care for her. With no teeth would she choke? At 16 years old, could her heart handle the loss of sweet Blossom, as she knew a senior dog statistically wouldn’t have as much time as a younger one?

With each passing day, Blossom began to learn her way around the house, and was eating just fine despite not having any teeth. She actually would do a little dance for hot dogs! Blossom then began to perk up as her and her new owner got to know each other better. It was Blossom’s amazing ability to adapt to her new environment, and provide so much love for Suzan, that inspired her to begin a Senior Pet Adoption Campaign in her honor.

Suzan entered Blossom into contests, and talked to anyone she could about her success as a senior rescue dog. Blossom received 2nd place in Grand Doggie Marshall in the Bark in the Park Parade in Bellevue, WA, and has been shown on Q13 News twice during the weather report. Her photo was also selected for Animal World, she has been discussed in Fido Magazine, and even had a photo shoot for the 2016 Sunny Sky’s Animal Shelter calendar. Everywhere she goes, the message is always “Adopt a Senior Pet!”

Blossom has a Facebook page called “Blossom-A New Life Journey from Shelter to Home” to help spread the message on senior pet adoptions. Suzan would like to make this Facebook page a place to grow an active community where senior pet adoption is promoted, and pictures, stories and advice can be shared.

Blossom is now 16, and continues her campaign to promote senior pet adoption. She has brought so much joy to not only Suzan and her family, but to all the lives she has touched in the efforts to bring light to adopting senior pets. Let’s help Blossom spread the word on how great senior pets really are with our support, and help senior pets in shelters find their forever homes!

We love you Blossom!