Bullet is a six-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai, who’s not just dashingly handsome, but also a smart, wonderful companion dog. Bullet came to see our dentistry department for a malocclusion (abnormal bite). Normally there is a space between the upper canine tooth (“fang tooth”) and incisor tooth that allows the lower canine tooth to fit in between. Bullet’s upper canine teeth were pointing forward (“Lance” canine teeth) and were so crowded with the incisor teeth that they actually overlapped. This was resulting in food and tartar getting stuck between the crowded teeth and was causing the gums and bone to recede at the canine teeth. There also was no room for the lower teeth to fit in their normal position.

We treated Bullet’s bite with orthodontics (braces) to move the upper canine teeth backwards. This alleviated the crowding and will help the canine teeth remain healthy. His new bite has a space for the lower canine teeth to fit normally between the upper teeth. This treatment would not have been successful if it weren’t for Bullet’s dad’s diligence in returning for appointments so we could tighten his orthodontic chain and perform necessary adjustments. We never treat malocclusions for appearance, and do not treat animals that will be shown or bred. In Bullet’s case we were able to give him a healthier mouth and eliminate the likelihood that his important upper canine teeth would eventually become loose and diseased and need to be extracted.

Bullet’s owners report that he is doing great at home, playing with all of his beloved toys and putting smiles on the faces of everyone he meets.

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