Meet Coconut! Coconut is a very sweet girl who came to our Emergency Department on March 25th for right forelimb lameness that began to present itself the night before. After an examination, it was determined that Coconut had an abscess on the bottom of her paw. Abscesses are painful infections in the tissues under the skin that require drainage of the affected site along with antibiotic therapy. Coconut was sedated in order to drain and debride the abscess so that it could heal properly.

Coconut’s paw was wrapped in a bandage to protect it from exposure and placed on antibiotics and medication for pain. On 3/27 we got to see Coconut again to remove her bandage and examine her paw to ensure it was healing. We’re happy to report that Coconut is doing well and on the mend! She even let us snap some pictures of her to share with everyone.

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