Cosmos’ Story

This cute Pug pup is Cosmos! When Cosmos was eight-weeks-old, his family picked him up from a breeder after anxiously waiting for the opportunity to meet him and bring him home. It was love at first sight, and the ride back to his forever home was full of snuggles in the backseat.

Cosmos parents

At two-months-old, Cosmos presented to our emergency department for acute onset of vomiting and diarrhea that had started in the early morning that day. He was also restless and trembling, and would cry when he rolled over. After running some diagnostics, including blood work and abdominal ultrasound, they discovered poor Cosmos had an intussusception. An intussusception is a condition in which a segment of the intestine’s telescopes into the adjacent segment of the intestine. Unfortunately, this required surgical intervention with a procedure called resection and anastomosis (R & A). This procedure essentially removes the abnormal or necrotic tissue and then connecting the healthy tissue together.
Cosmos was transferred to our surgery department, where his surgeon, Dr. Alicia Howser, found a very large portion of the small intestines had telescoped into almost the entire colon. This meant there was a large portion of the small intestines that was necrotic that needed to be removed, making it difficult to reduce. It also meant that there was more risk for complications after surgery. After his surgery, he had to spend some more time hospitalized with us while he recovered enough to go home. The whole hospital fell in love with Cosmos and made him feel as comfortable as possible.

Italian Trulli

Cosmos was able to go home to his family and we are happy to report that he is on the road to recovery and healing wonderfully! His family reports that he gains more and more energy, and appetite, every day. They are seeing more and more of his true crazy and energetic self like he was before his surgery, and he’s back to playing with his toys, including his favorite Lamb Chop. And, at a recent recheck appointment, he was given a clean bill of health and is back to eating normal puppy food. Way to go, Cosmos!