On July 19th the Animal Medical Center of Seattle admitted a five-year-old Boxer named Dexter for cluster seizures, which are multiple seizures within a short period of time. His family was out of town, and his pet-sitter found him actively seizing. Dexter had a history of seizures starting in early 2017 that were occasional in frequency (a seizure every few months) and brought about by stressful events. Dexter’s pet sitter called his owners to alert them of his condition, and their neighbor’s quickly brought him in for treatment. Dexter came in actively seizing, but we were able to get his seizures under control and admitted him for overnight care.

During his stay, Dexter was really anxious and scared, so our Hospital Manager, April, sat with him in his run that night. He just wanted someone to cuddle with and he calmed right down! Dexter’s worried family were able to come back from vacation to pick him up the next day. We are so happy to report that sweet Dexter is back to his normal, wiggly self again with the adjustment of his anti-seizure medications. Way to go Dexter!

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