Eisenhower is an adorable one-year-old mixed breed rescue pup who presented to our emergency service in critical condition for vehicular trauma. Eisenhower jumped out of his pet-sitters car window when the car was stopped at a stop sign and was hit by an oncoming car from the opposite way. He was seen by a nearby veterinarian immediately after the accident and treated with fluids and pain medications. They stabilized him and, due to the severity of his condition, he was transferred to our emergency service for care, where he was immediately triaged.

The list of things wrong with poor Eisenhower was vast. They included a suspected traumatic brain injury, epistaxis (bloody nose), pneumothorax (air in the chest cavity), pulmonary contusions (bruised lungs), pleural effusion (fluid buildup between the layers of tissue lining the lungs and chest cavity), hemoabdomen (blood in the abdomen), hematuria (bloody urine), a right femoral fracture, pelvic fractures, and anemia.

Eisenhower was treated in our hospital for 5 days in intensive care, which included oxygen therapy, multiple blood transfusions, fluid therapy, and pain management. It was not known if he would survive his accident and was monitored hour by hour for his progress. Miraculously, he improved enough to be able to go home to his family! Unfortunately, his right femoral fracture was too severe, and would not be able to save, so his family made an appointment with our surgery department to have it amputated after a few recovery days at home.

Eisenhower’s surgery went well, and he stayed the night with us one last time before being discharged to his family the next day. We are happy to report that Eisenhower is recovering very well at home. Although he has to take it easy while he fully recovers, his family is already having a hard time keeping him since he is already back to some of his puppy ways. Soon enough, he’ll be back roughhousing with his rescued doggy sister sibling, Prescott, going for long walks, and taking weekend road trips with his parents.

Our team is absolutely thrilled to see such a sweet pup bounce back from something so traumatic and are happy that his amazing family still has him in their lives and look forward to many more years with him. Way to go, Eisenhower!!!