Meet Eli, the handsome 15-year-old kitty who is a very rare male calico. Since the red color for calico’s are passed only by the mother’s X chromosome, in order for a male to have this color pattern they must possess two X chromosomes and a Y chromosome. Only about 1 out of every 3,000 calico cats are born male, and they are almost always sterile. This unique and special little guy presented to our emergency department because his owner noticed he was very lethargic, and his urination and thirst had dramatically increased. After some diagnostic tests, it was revealed that Eli had diabetes mellitus. Eli spent a few days in the hospital where he was given fluids, his blood glucose was monitored and started on insulin.
Later, Eli was seen by our internal medicine department for a test called a blood glucose curve. This test is essential in determining the effectiveness of his insulin and, if necessary, make adjustments to the insulin dosage, type and feeding regimens. Two weeks later, he was seen for a recheck examination to see how he was doing on his insulin and to run a fructosamine blood test, which monitors the effectiveness of his glycemic control over his diabetes. His fructosamine levels were high, so his insulin dose was changed accordingly. He was also started on an oral medication called Acarbose to help slow the absorption of carbohydrates to work in conjunction with his insulin.

Eli’s diabetes is now controlled and he is getting back to his old self, although he’s not too pleased that he had to go from free feeding to twice a day feedings. We are so happy that Eli is doing better and are all rooting for him!

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