Emma, an adorable five-year-old Boston Terrier, was adopted three years ago. Sadly, her life before her adoption was not great. She was rescued from a puppy mill by Forever Home Dog Rescue. She had been living in horrible conditions and being bred solely to make money from her puppies.

That all changed once she met her new family. Once she was adopted, the experiences that most dogs, and people, take for granted were all so new, exciting and sometimes scary. She had been in a cage for most of her life and had never seen the sights of the world. Emma was smelling and exploring her new surroundings and grew a fondness for grass. Emma loves grass. To this day her favorite thing to do is go out on a nice fresh lawn, roll around and drag her belly on it.

Her new family absolutely adores her and have been providing her with the love and attention she deserves. They also provide her with the veterinary care she needs. Emma was admitted to our emergency department after a lung lobectomy of her accessory lung lobe. Dogs and cats have seven lung lobes. The left side is divided into three lobes and the right side is divided into four lobes. The accessory lung lobe that Emma had removed is one of the lobes on the right side. The lobectomy surgery was performed in order to remove a mass that was discovered by her regular veterinarian.

Emma recovered from her surgery and did well with us while she was hospitalized here. She quickly became a fan favorite and made many friends with the Animal Medical Center of Seattle staff. We hope she continues to have a speedy recovery at home with her family too! Thank you, Emma, for bringing so many smiles and snuggles to us!

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