Everything started when Ryan and Seth returned home from a family wedding Saturday, June 6th. To their surprise, they found their home burglarized and the thief left the gate and back door open. Rayne, their 10-year-old Black Lab/Greyhound mix, and their two cats were in the back yard. Roo, their two-year-old baby boy Boxer/Lab, was nowhere to be found.

The thieves managed to steal some of their possessions, but all they cared about was their silly little pup Roo. They searched everywhere for him! They posted on Facebook, in all the lost dog groups, on Next Door, and at all the shelters. They even put up about 200 flyers and were able to get Roo’s story on the Q13 Fox News website thanks to David Rose.

For three days, they were worried sick and barely able to sleep. Amazingly, Ryan and Seth received a phone call the night of Tuesday, June 20th. Someone had seen one of Roo’s flyers and had spotted him in their area. Ryan and Seth rushed right over to find him, and after about 15 minutes of searching, there he was. Roo was scared, hiding and shaking in the corner of a bush and was limping on his right front limb.

Without hesitation, Roo was rushed straight to the closest emergency vet, Animal Medical Center of Seattle, for treatment. Roo was triaged almost immediately and examined by the medical staff. After being examined, an x-ray was performed of the right front limb, and a fracture of his Ulna was discovered. Roo was sent home with a splint and some pain medications with discharge instructions for his care. Now Roo is safe at home with his family, getting spoiled every day!

Roo’s family was so grateful for the care their sweet pup received at AMCS. The veterinarian and entire staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable, and they would take their pets here again in a heartbeat if another emergency presented itself. The staff at AMCS thanks Roo and his wonderful family for allowing them to share his story with the world and for the kind words!

And now…photos of the adorable Roo!

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