The Animal Medical Center of Seattle is truly heartbroken over the loss of one of our long-time patients, Leda. Leda, a Bouvier des Flandres, truly was one in a million. She was very social with everyone, full of energy, fun, and smart as a whip. When she was three years old, she contracted an unusual and severe infection. She survived due to the skill of Dr. Adam Reiss and his colleagues at Animal Medical Center of Seattle, though she required medications for the rest of her life. Despite this problem, she lived a very full and happy life, and like her father and two littermate brothers, she excelled at canine scent work.

Sadly, the long-term stress of her illness caught up with her, and we said goodbye in July at the age of nine years old. But her family had many good years with her, which will always be remembered. Rest in peace, sweet Leda. You will be dearly missed by your family and everyone here at AMCS.

Leda age 6 weeks, meeting Ben

Leda (rear) with brother Gizmo – 5 months old

Leda (left) and Gizmo both earned their Nosework 1 titles simultaneously – age 4 years

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