Jackson was a 9 year old Border Collie cross that was first seen by our Oncology team in January 2011. He was diagnosed with a tumor within his anal gland on his routine physical annual examination at his regular veterinarian. He was referred for additional diagnostics and surgery to the Animal Medical Center of Seattle. The additional testing revealed that while his tumor was small it had already metastasized to his regional lymph nodes within his abdomen and pelvis. He was taken to surgery to have the primary anal gland mass removed as well as the lymph nodes.

There was a lymph node in the pelvis that was unable to be removed during surgery. He was managed for many months with a novel chemotherapy agent called Palladia. Palladia is a small molecule inhibitor. The lymph node was held in size and it did not bother him. He was able to defecate normally and maintain a very good quality of life. He was transitioned to another mild chemotherapy protocol called metronomic chemotherapy and managed for many years with this lymph node being present. He had a normal activity level and great attitude about life.

Jackson is featured in this video for ACVIM as a Survivor of Cancer. He went on to pass away from kidney disease not his cancer. The Tylee family was very grateful for the additional two years they were able to have together!