Thank you, Kristy, with Adventure Trails Dog Camp in Whidbey Island for sharing Sabel’s story below! We all love her so much here.

Sabel is an 11-year-old Great Dane that came to us through a Great Dane recuse group. We drove out to Spokane to find her with Joaquin, our Great Dane/Rotty rescue in tow. Sabel didn’t even let us touch her that day, but she fell deeply in love with Joaquin at first sight. Sabel was a terrified, skinny puppy at first, but she has come a long way, and has confidence and swagger now. Sabel does have special needs though, and that is why I make the journey from Whidbey Island to Shoreline when there is a beyond the basic vet need.

Animal Medical Center understands dogs like Sabel, and offers treatment that makes her feel secure and comfortable. They take their time with her forming a bond. Being able to be with her through several surgeries removing tumors (aliens as the surgeon calls them) is so important to me and Sabel. I used to feel a little self-conscious as I brought in her beds so she could be comfortable while waiting, but everyone is so nice and offers to help me. It is a very good experience with all the attention Sabel gets – the staff loving on her. Ano one sees me as a crazy dog spoiler.

The care she has at this facility is state of the art. If only I could be treated here when I am ill! It is honestly better care than I have had for my own medical needs. I have been trusting Animal Medical Center for years as they treated Sabel’s knee that was badly injured and Joaquin for bone cancer too. Never have I had a bad experience.

The most recent tumor was very large and I was so concerned about her recovery. The incision was large but it was done so well it was almost seamless and Sabel hasn’t even bothered it! She is a tough old girl. I think she may still have a couple of years for us to enjoy.

As a dog trainer and owner of the dog care facility Adventure Trails Dog Camp (, I make a point to recommend the people of Whidbey Island make the trip to Animal Medical Center whenever their loved fur baby has a specialized need.