Meet Liffey, the nine-year-old Golden Retriever, and one of the most photogenic pups around! Liffey’s family was heartbroken when she was diagnosed in June of 2019 with B-cell lymphoma at her family veterinarian. She was referred to the Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s oncology department for a consultation to discuss the next steps for her. Liffey was started on a chemotherapy protocol that was tailored to her specific lymphoma for treatment.

Liffey did well with her chemotherapy, which she completed six months later, achieving clinical remission. She was then started on a revolutionary treatment option, The Canine Lymphoma Vaccine. This vaccine is a therapeutic immunization for dogs diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma upon achieving remission through chemotherapy. This vaccine is a series of 4 injections given once every two weeks that has the potential to induce longer term remissions for dogs.

Liffey completed her lymphoma vaccine protocol at the end of January 2020 and is now back to her happy highly food-motivated self. You wouldn’t even know she had gone through chemotherapy! Recently, she came in for a recheck examination, and to say hi to her friends at AMCS so we could see how great she was doing. Liffey was kind enough to let us take some pictures to share with everyone too. Way to go, Liffey!!!

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