This happy little Yorkshire terrier is Lola! Lola was hospitalized at AMCS for quite a while after being attacked by a larger dog in the house, once in October 2017 and once in December 2017. The first incident in October Lola was treated for a left radius and ulnar fracture and left maxillary fracture. After Lola had surgery to correct the fractures, she was sent home to heal with her family.

Unfortunately, in December of 2017, Lola was attacked again. She was immediately seen by our emergency team where she was treated for a fractured maxilla, hypovolemic shock, pneumorthorax, pulmonary contusions and subcutaneous emphysema. It was touch and go for Lola for a while, but she eventually began to heal and miraculously recovered!

Today Lola is doing great and her family stopped by with her to visit so we could see just how well she is doing now! We are so happy for Lola and her family!

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