The world lost a beautiful soul to the rainbow bridge when Puff passed away. We would like to share his story to memorialize the life of a very much loved kitty that brought so much joy not only to his family, but to everyone who was lucky enough to have known him.

Puff had another owner before entering the lives of the Voelker family. His first owner unselfishly sought a better home for Puff because her roommate disliked cats and was unkind to him. His owner drove to Seattle from some distance to interview Jeanne, and see her home before she gave him up. He was less than six months old at the time. Because of his early scares, Puff was always a sensitive and timid cat. His wonderful new family understood this, and were able to give him the love and security he needed.

Puff was an indoor gentleman cat that enriched his family’s lives with his sweet companionship. He was a cautious cat, and he taught Jeanne’s youngest grandchildren to be loving and patient with animals. Puff’s favorite places to hang out were on Jeanne’s bed or wrapped around her shoulders. He loved Jeanne’s tutoring students and kept their book bags warm for them. Like many cats, he also enjoyed looking out the window at birds and squirrels.

In 2015, Puff escaped through an open door and was apparently hit by a car or other vehicle. He was brought to Animal Medical Center of Seattle where our doctors and staff evaluated his condition–a broken jaw and broken ribs. Through the skills and attentions of everyone at AMCS, some tender home care, and Puff’s own strong will to live, he was given an extra life. When Puff’s life came to an end, the doctors and staff at AMCS were there to alleviate his pain and administer to his needs.

Jeanne’s daughter, son-in-law and their three young children live with her, and it was a wonderful experience for the children to have such a great kitty to share their lives with. Puff loved gentle people and he will be remembered by many.

Puff, your antics, love, and personality will live on in the hearts of your family forever.