Marge is a 5-year Old English Bulldog mix who visits our Oncology service.

Marge was adopted by her current family only four months ago, and they are incredibly supportive of their new family member and the health issues she came with. In her previous life Marge was overbred and as a result of numerous C-sections has multiple hernias along her abdominal wall and being intact all those years led to the development of Mammary cancer. She was relinquished to a California animal shelter following her cancer diagnosis but was fortunate to be saved by a local Washington rescue and then saved again by her forever family!

Marge’s new family absolutely adores her and is giving her the life she deserves. Marge is one of a kind! She brings immediate joy to everyone she meets, and we feel so lucky to have this happy girl in our lives.

We snapped a few cute pictures of her during her recent exam and her family was willing to let us share with everyone just how beautiful she is.

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