Mildred Rose Dickens, or Milly for short, is a four-year-old kitty who came to visit our dermatology department to discuss a chronic issue with itchy skin and hair loss (alopecia) around her ears and right jaw line. A skin cytology, a diagnostic test which examines a sample of the affected skin under a microscope, was performed, revealing that Milly had Demodex cati mites, causing demodicosis. Demodex cati mites are normally found in small numbers on cats, but when the immune system is suppressed, these mites can overgrow and cause skin lesions. In Milly’s case, she had been taking steroids for chronic bronchitis, which suppress the immune system. Our dermatologist, Dr. Heather Edginton, prescribed medications for flea/mite control, infection and itch control. When Mildred came back for a recheck examination a month later, her fur was starting to grow back and she was negative for demodex mites!
We are so happy that Milly is on the mend. Now that her demodicosis is under control, she can fully enjoy eating, sleeping and playing with her toys, which include her catnip bat toy and her families clothing and shoes.

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