This sweet face belongs to Monkey, a very special 13-year-old kitty. Before Monkey found her forever home, she was a stray found in one of the monkey exhibits at the Woodland Park Zoo, which is where she acquired her name. Monkey was referred to the Animal Medical Center of Seattle emergency department for evaluation of a left forelimb abscess that was not healing despite placement of a drain and antibiotics. Since the wound was non-responsive to antibiotics and continued to worsen, we, unfortunately, had to make the tough decision to amputate the limb. Monkey spent a few days with us in ICU where she quickly stole the hearts of our staff.

After Monkey was discharged, her owners stayed in touch with us, giving us updates and pictures of Monkey while she recovered at home. Monkey is doing so well after her surgery and is enjoying her time relaxing in front of the fireplace snuggled in blankets. Monkey is quite the talker too, so she makes sure everyone knows she’s the center of attention. Monkey is loved so much by her family that their daughter even has shoes with Monkey’s face on them! We are so happy she is doing so well at home and has such an amazing, dedicated family to look after her. <3