Penelope is a sweet and adventurous Pug who loves being around people and warm baths. She also enjoys going for walks, playing with her stuffed animals (especially her caterpillar), barking at airplanes and exploring her world.  Penelope’s owner, Paul, and his late wife, Heidi, welcomed Penelope into their home as a puppy a couple of years ago, after Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. Penelope became their de-facto child as they were not able to have children of their own, and has been an important member of the family since.

On a Saturday morning in late July, Paul noticed that Penelope was lethargic and not breathing normally, so he brought her into their family veterinarian. Initially, pneumonia was suspected, so Penelope was put on a course of antibiotics. After a few days went by with no improvement, she was referred to the Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s emergency service for further care and diagnostics. Radiographs and ultrasound revealed a right cranial lung lobe torsion. When a lung lobe torses, or twists, the bronchus and vessels become obstructed, resulting in necrosis of the affected area.

After explaining the options and risks with Paul for treatment, emergency thoracic surgery was performed to correct the torsion and remove any necrotic tissue that it caused. Penelope’s surgery was a success and she is now on the road to a full recovery! Paul is grateful for the loving and expert care that Penelope received at AMCS that saved her life. Everyone, including our referral coordinators, nurses, and doctors, is so happy she is doing well!

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