Quinn’s Story

Meet Quinn, the adorable, almost seven-year-old Pittie mix! Quinn joined her forever home at the end of 2016. Her family drove through a snowstorm to Portland, Oregon to adopt her and from the moment they saw her, she stole their hearts, and has been a special part of the family ever since.

In November of 2022, Quinn’s owners noticed swelling under her jaw and on her shoulder. She was evaluated by her primary veterinarian and was noted to have enlarged lymph nodes. A cytology was performed to obtain a fluid sample of her lymph nodes to find out what was causing the enlargement. Unfortunately, Quinn was diagnosed with stage 3 multicentric lymphoma. Lymphoma is a systemic cancer of a type of cell called a lymphocyte which is a cell that is a normal member of the immune system. This means that lymphoma naturally has the ability to spread throughout the body and is not localized to one area. 

Without chemotherapy, her prognosis for survival was poor, so Quinn was referred to our oncology team to discuss their options. She was seen by one of our oncologists, Dr. Katie Robinson, and an appropriate chemotherapy protocol was put together for her. 

Quinn has always been a little skittish, especially with men, but our team did everything they could to ensure that her experience was as stress free as possible. She initially wouldn’t get out of the car and our staff had to hide in the corner or sit behind their car to convince her to come out during her appointments. But Quinn soon became good friends with our oncology team and, although she wasn’t excited to get chemotherapy, she was excited to get out of the car to go say hi to her best friends at Animal Medical Center of Seattle. Dr. Robinson also helped put the family’s mind at ease by patiently and thoroughly answering any questions they might have at each appointment.

We are happy to report that Quinn is in full remission and she is getting her strength back every single day! Her family is grateful to everyone at Animal Medical Center of Seattle to still have her in their lives, so she can continue cuddling like she’s a tiny little dog, going to the beach, going on car rides, never letting her two favorite balls out of her sight, and playing with her 16-year-old brother.