Sadie, an 8 year old Chinese Crested, was brought into the Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s ER department by Shoreline Police Officer Nick Manley on November 14th. The officer witnessed Sadie get attacked by a coyote prior to presentation, just east of 152nd and Aurora in Shoreline. Officer Manley bravely ran after the coyote to get it to drop poor Sadie. He then brought her into our hospital for medical attention, where she was also scanned for a microchip. Not only was Sadie microchipped, but the information was up to date, which is essential for all pet owners to do to ensure that they can be traced back to their home. Sadie’s owner was contacted, and we notified her that she was being hospitalized with us. It was at that time we found out that she had been missing for 38 days!

On October 8th a strong windstorm hit our area and Sadie, frightened of storms, escaped the backyard where she was staying in Edmonds. Devastated, Sadie’s owner posted up lost signs and contacted the proper authorities, with no success. Braving the elements of the Fall weather, migrating quite a long distance away from her initial place of origin AND an attack from a coyote, she is now recovering, reunited with her family and doing well! All thanks to the concern of a fantastic Shoreline Police Officer, the care she received from AMCS and her loving family.

If this isn’t a reason to get your pet’s microchipped, along with ensuring the information is up to date, I don’t know what is!

Way to go Sadie! We love you!