Meet Scout, the handsome seven-year-old English Setter. Scout was diagnosed by our dermatologist, Dr. Heather Edginton, with a disease process called Pemphigus Foliaceus. Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the bridges that hold the skin together. This causes hair loss, pustules, scabs and ulcers. Treatment for pemphigus is generally done with high doses of steroids, antibiotics and/or topical medications. Scout was put on a couple of medication treatment plans and although they seemed to be helping somewhat for Scout, the hair loss and crusted ulcers persisted. Instead of going to a more aggressive medication for treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy was recommended.

The Animal Medical Center of Seattle is one of the few veterinary facilities in the United States that offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to pets. And one of the many things that it can treat is problems with wound healing. This therapy is typically done for five weeks: twice a day for five days a week, twice a day four days a week, twice a day three days a week, twice a day two days a week, then twice a day for one more day the following week.

This cutting edge, non-invasive treatment has helped heal Scout’s Pemphigus and he is looking so much better! Check out some of these before and after pictures of Scouts skin now!

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