Sherman, an adorable six-year-old Golden Retriever, is one of our most dear patients at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle. His family adopted him in April of 2016 as a puppy, and he was selected specifically for them by his breeder. Of course, his sweet demeanor and little Mohawk down his nose won his forever family’s hearts, and they instantly fell in love with him. As avid Seahawks fans, they named him after Richard Sherman. Little did they know at the time of picking his name, he is the very best receiver and a bit of a ball hog.

Sadly, in July 2021, Sherman was presumptively diagnosed with lymphoma by his primary veterinarian. His owners noticed his neck and under his jaw were swollen and sensitive to touch, and he wasn’t acting like his normal self. An aspirate was done of his lymph nodes for cytology, which confirmed his diagnosis of lymphoma. Sherman’s cancer diagnosis at five years young was absolutely devastating. After many hours of phone calls and research, Sherman’s family chose the Animal Medical Center of Seattle’s Oncology service for help.

Further testing was done to figure out what type of lymphoma we were dealing with to determine the next steps. He was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma, which is a very aggressive form of cancer that is generally responsive to chemotherapy. Our team started him on a chemotherapy protocol (CHOP) and medications to help him feel better.

Sherman has done remarkably well since the start of his chemotherapy regimen in July 2021 and is always smiling when he comes to see his buddies in Oncology. The Animal Medical Center of Seattle has become his extended family, and he is adored by everyone here. With the powerful combination of science and excellent care, the Animal Medical Center of Seattle has given Sherman and his family the peace of mind that the chosen treatment plan is the absolute best for Sherman’s cancer battle. Although our time with Sherman is limited, his family is incredibly grateful for the chance to show him exactly how much he is loved.