Shi Shi (pronounced Shy Shy) is an endangered green sea turtle who washed ashore on a remote stretch of the Washington coastline in mid-November. Though normally at home in the tropical waters of Mexico, sea turtles often follow warm water currents up the Pacific coast. 

Shi Shi was blown into our cold waters by a fierce storm and was found severely weak with a dangerously low body temperature.

After a rescue by the Makah tribe, a chartered flight, and a ride in the Sealife Response, Rehab, and Research (SR3) marine wildlife ambulance, Shi Shi arrived at the Seattle Aquarium for critical medical treatment. Their incredible round-the-clock care with the help of the SR3 team over the first two weeks helped her pull through against all odds. 

On November 30, Shi Shi had stabilized enough to be transferred to SR3’s SeaLife Rescue Center for her next phase of recovery! While she’s gotten very strong, she has not yet started eating, so a CT scan was planned at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle to help them discover why. Shi Shi had a check-up exam recently and more barium x-rays at the rescue center. While the barium is continuing to move through her digestive tract slowly, this is not abnormal for a recovering cold-stunned turtle, and it is still moving through her system well. She received medications to help move things along better, as well as more fish slurry, pain medications, and fluids.

If you would like to help support Shi Shi’s continued medical care – not to mention all of the clams and organic vegetables she will need during her next phase of recovery – please donate here: