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Meet our compassionate veterinary team.

We’ve dedicated our lives to providing the best possible care for your pet.

Internal Medicine Department

Jennifer Z., Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer's Bio
Jennifer has been in the veterinary field since 2014 where she started as an intern at a local wildlife rehab facility back in her home state of California. Her passion for animals leads her to become a student at California State University-East Bay, where she received her Bachelors in Biology and plans to go into veterinary school. Once she got her foot in the door as a kennel assistant, she found that her true passion was patient care and has enjoyed her time as a Veterinary Assistant since.

Jennifer started off in Oncology as a Radiation Therapy Technician Assistant. Since then, she has worked in many other departments, including Internal Medicine, Neurology, ER, ICU, Cardiology, Alternative Medicine and Physical Therapy. Jennifer started working for AMCS in November of 2018 in our Internal Medicine department as a Veterinary Assistant. She is excited to be part of the AMCS family and can’t wait to learn and grow with her Washington peers!

In her free time, Jennifer loves to cuddle or play hide-and-seek with her six-year-old Dachshund-Chihuahua named Zeus, go for long runs, attend concerts and bake.

Sara R., LVT

Sara's Bio
Sara is a graduate of Bergen Community College in New Jersey, where she earned her degree in Veterinary Technology in 2014. She relocated to Seattle in January of 2018 to be closer to family and become part of the awesome AMCS team.

Sara has worked for practices in New Jersey and New York, where she got exposure to general and emergency veterinary medicine. She enjoys acquiring new skills and providing quality nursing care in the ER/ICU setting. Sara is fluent in Spanish and would like to learn a new language. In her free time, Sara loves to travel and spend time with her family and pet rabbit, Bunnyta.

Oncology Department

London A., LVT

London's Bio
London has always had a great love for animals. Born in Alaska, she was always fascinated by the creatures around her. She grew up as a commercial fisherman working on her father’s boat. When she moved to Washington she fell in love with horses and the science of all animals. Her adolescent years were spent on Whidbey Island. She went to college in Bellingham, Washington where she acquired her veterinary technician license. London is an equine massage therapist as well as an LVT. She has a great passion for providing top notch care for her patients.

Jennifer H., LVT

Jenifer's Bio
Jeni graduated from the University of Washington in 2014 with a degree in studio arts and double minored in art history and classical studies. As much as she loved art, her passion for animals and learning pushed her to enroll in Pima Medical Institute’s veterinary technician program. Jeni began working at AMCS in the Emergency and Critical Care department as a veterinary assistant in May of 2018. She is currently studying to take her national exam to become a licensed veterinary technician.

In her spare time, Jeni enjoys baking sweets, painting and taking her dog on hikes and runs.

Brittanny T., Veterinary Assistant

Brittanny's Bio
Bio coming soon.

Dentistry Department

Sara K., LVT

Sara's Bio
Sara has had an affinity for animals since she was a little girl. She obtained her Associates Degree for Veterinary Technology at Vatterott College in Omaha, Nebraska and passed the VTNE in June 2006. In Omaha, she worked for about 9 years at a privately owned general small animal practice. In January 2015, she decided she needed a change of pace and moved to Seattle.

Since her move to Seattle, Sara has worked at Pima Medical Institute as an instructor for veterinary technicians. She has also worked at another general small animal practice, but her real passion has been dentistry. Sara hopes in November 2018 to apply for a spot in the veterinary technician specialty program through the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians to become a veterinary technician specialist in dentistry. She is currently owned by three dogs, two Newfoundland’s and a Pomeranian: Cinnamon – the boss (she thinks!), Merlot – the middle child, and Zinfandel – the baby.

Alexandrea C., Veterinary Assistant

Alexandrea's Bio

Alexandrea has worked in the veterinary field since May of 2017, beginning as a receptionist, and has always envisioned herself with a career in the veterinary field. She has a deep interest in providing quality education to pet parents and ensuring each pet in her care is comforted and feels safe. Her goal is for owners to feel reassured and to alleviate any anxiety and stress for their pets. She also firmly believes that you never stop learning and strives to educate herself every day.

Alexandrea’s special interests include nutrition, pain management and Fear Free handling.

When not working, you can find her with her boyfriend, Brodie, her dog Sam and her two cats, Chrysanthemum and Looloo. She enjoys exploring new places to eat, spending time outdoors, painting, drawing and re-watching her favorite TV shows.

Amanda H., Veterinary Assistant

Amanda's Bio
Amanda joined the Animal Medical Center of Seattle in August of 2019 as a veterinary assistant for our dentistry department. Born and raised in Cupertino, California, Amanda moved to Seattle in 2013 to start school at the University of Washington. She completed her degree in Integrated Social Sciences, and decided to make Washington her permanent home.

Amanda was immersed in animal welfare and husbandry since the time she could walk. Her exceptionally patient Aunt Nancy, taught her to care for goats, horses, ducks and chickens. Amanda has volunteered at various shelters and rehabilitation facilities and previously worked as a kennel attendant. She completed her certificate course in Animal Behavior through The University of Washington, and is well versed in environmental and oceanography studies.

When she’s not working, Amanda spends time with her boyfriend and their rambunctious Husky, Freyja. She enjoys reading, art projects and traveling with her younger sister.

Dermatology Department

Alexia S., LVT

Alexia's Bio
Alexia is from Orange County, California. She graduated from Mt. San Antonio College with an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and passed her Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2016. She began her career in the veterinary field in 2014 working with livestock (primarily swine) on her school campus farm. From there she spent several years working at an all cat clinic gaining knowledge and experience in feline behavior, along with safe/low stress handling and restraint. Alexia decided to switch her focus and began working at a dermatology clinic for animals. Once introduced to the field of animal dermatology, it quickly became an area of interest.

Alexia relocated to Washington with her husband to pursue new career opportunities, where she was able to continue working in animal dermatology part time. Alexia Started working for AMCS in April of 2019 after learning about the plans to establish a new Dermatology department. She is very excited to be able to continue her career in veterinary dermatology.

In her spare time, Alexia enjoys old movies, hiking and being out by the water along with spending time with her cat Loki, and two dogs Roofus and Gerard.

Kayla A., Veterinary Assistant

Kayla's Bio
Kayla began her career in the veterinary field as a Kennel Attendant in 2014, working in general practice, emergency and in animal shelters as a volunteer. She attended Pima Medical Institute in 2016 to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Kayla joined the AMCS team as a Veterinary Assistant in November of 2018 in our emergency department before transferring to our dermatology department in June of 2019.

When not at work, Kayla enjoys hiking, reading, thrift store shopping and working on her own dog walking business. She has three fur-kids; a golden lab named Luna, a boxer lab named Sampson and her old lady cat Rascal.

ER Department

Jenny C., LVT, VTS (ECC)

Jenny's Bio
Jenny graduated from Pima Medical Institute’s Veterinary Technician program in 2013 and has been working in Emergency and Critical Care at AMCS since April of 2014. Jenny has loved animals since she was a kid and has always wanted the opportunity to nurse them back to health. Along with helping heal her veterinary patients, Jenny also enjoys mentoring new technicians. Jenny is a veterinary technician instructor at Pima Medical Institute where she helps train the next generation of veterinary technicians. In the fall of 2017, Jenny passed the exam set forth by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NACTA) to become specialized in Emergency and Critical Care, earning her the new title Jennifer Cossey, LVT, VTS (ECC)

In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and their rambunctious one-eyed chocolate Lab named Kahlua.

Charmaine M., LVT

Charmaine's Bio

Charmaine has been with AMCS since August of 2013 as an Emergency and Critical Care veterinary technician. She is a 17-year Naval Veteran who always held a special interest in veterinary medicine. Originally from Cleveland, she decided to make Washington State her permanent home and became a veterinary technician after leaving the Navy in 2012.

Charmaine recently decided to pursue another long time passion: baking. She has completed advanced training in pastry arts. She also loves to garden and care for her chickens (all 12 of them!). Charmaine also has 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Richard A., LVT

Richard's Bio
Richard is an El Paso, Texas native who moved to Salt Lake City, Utah after high school for a fresh start and to pursue a degree in Biotechnology at Utah State University. During this time he worked at a local animal shelter. Richard has always had an interest in veterinary medicine, even as a child, but his time at the animal shelter solidified his love for helping animals.

Richard moved to Yakima, WA to attend Yakima Valley College to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology. After earning his Associates degree to become a Veterinary Technician, Richard moved to Seattle. He has worked in a shelter, emergency and specialty medicine (neurology-specific) which allowed him to experience multiple aspects of veterinary medicine. Richard really shined in Emergency and Critical Care as it provides a variety of cases and a fast-paced environment and joined the AMCS ER/ICU team in April of 2018

Richard enjoys continuous education and plans on pursuing a specialty in Emergency and Critical Care to further his knowledge of veterinary medicine. In Richard’s spare time he enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest or staying home and playing video games with his cat, Wasabi-Sake.

Kelley H., LVT

Kelley's Bio
Kelley Hurley has been with AMCS since May of 2012 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in our ER/ICU department. Kelley worked in the UW Department of Biochemistry for nine years before deciding to return to school to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Kelley considers it an honor and privilege to be able to care for pets and their families during an often stressful and difficult time. She is passionate about emergency and critical care medicine and actively pursuing her specialty certification.

Kelley has a special place in her heart for fear-aggressive and abused dogs and has volunteered with rescue organizations such as the Humane Society and Pasado’s Safe Haven, where she was involved in rescuing animals from abuse situations. She has also spent time in Missouri to help care for 500 dogs rescued from a multi-state dog fighting ring.

Kelley was born and raised in Seattle where she lives with her husband, Gary, and her two year old son, Liam. They have a mixed-breed dog named Maple and an orange tabby named Bert. Outside of work, Kelley enjoys spending time with her family, weightlifting and international travel.

Danielle L., LVT, CVPP

Danielle's Bio
Danielle has been working at AMCS as a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 2015 in our ER/ICU department. She loves working ER because she can combine her critical thinking skills with her deep compassion for our clients and their pets. Her special interests at work are pain management and anesthesia, and is a certified pain practitioner in the veterinary field.

Danielle has a dog and a cat at home that are both spoiled rotten. When not at work you can find her camping with friends and family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, doing yoga, gardening, or spending time at home with her husband and pets.

Mark S., LVT

Mark's Bio
Mark has been with AMCS since October 2011. He started out as a Veterinary Assistant while he was attending school at Pima Medical Institute to earn his Associates degree in Veterinary Medicine. After he graduated and passed the VTNE to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Mark continued to work for AMCS in our ER/ICU department.

When Mark isn’t at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, camping and working in his yard. He shares his home with Willow, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever mix and two new kittens, Fred and Gracie.

Kristin F., LVT

Kristin's Bio
Kristin has been with AMCS since April of 2014 as an Emergency and Critical Care technician. Kristin is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, and has worked in general and emergency practices in Northern California before moving to Seattle 12 years ago. She has particular interest in wound repair, emergency surgery and all aspects of feline medicine. She shares her home with a husband, two daughters and three cats.

Christina S., LVT

Christina's Bio
Christina has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician with Animal Medical Center of Seattle since August of 2015 in our ER/ICU department. A Chicago native, she decided to make the move to Seattle around the same time. Although she misses deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs, she loves the Seattle city life and all of the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature just around the corner.

Christina has worked in shelter medicine, rehab, surgery and general practice, but has found that emergency medicine is where here heart lies. In her free time, Christina enjoys exploring Seattle and dog friendly breweries with her two beagle mixes.

Rina J., LVT

Rina's Bio
Rina started her career at AMCS in October of 2018 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in our ER/ICU department. She moved to Seattle from California and discovered her love of animals, motivating her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Rina graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 2018 and worked primarily in general practice for about a year and a half before delving into Emergency Medicine.

Rina has a deep love of travel and adventure but also enjoys quiet time at home.

Andy S., LVT

Andy's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Darby L., LVT

Darby's Bio
Darby moved to Seattle in 2018 to complete her externship with the AMCS team during her last semester of Veterinary Technology school. After graduating from Gaston College in North Carolina, where she had resided her whole life, she decided to become a permanent member of our team. Darby worked as Veterinary Assistant in our ER/ICU department before taking the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Darby passed this test in December of 2018 and is now one of our amazing veterinary technicians in our ER/ICU department. Darby enjoys crafting, hiking new trails with her English Setter named Penny and exploring her new city, Seattle.

Kasey S., LVT

Kasey's Bio
Kasey is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle in our ER/ICU department. Kasey has loved animals for as long as she can remember and decided to start school at Pima Medical Institute in Seattle to pursue her dream of working in the veterinary field. Kacey began her career in emergency veterinary medicine as a Veterinary Assistant in 2013 before graduating from Pima in 2014, which helped her discover her passion for emergency medicine. Kasey passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam after graduating to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2014. Kasey truly enjoys the unexpected and the variety of cases that are seen in emergency and hopes to pursue her VTS in Emergency and Critical Care soon.

Kasey is an avid book reader and enjoys weight training and hiking. She has four dogs, two Pit-Bull mixes, a Cattle Dog mix and a Border Collie mix and also has one very spoiled orange tabby kitten.

Nadine E., Veterinary Assistant

Nadine's Bio
Nadine is a veterinary assistant in our ER/ICU department. She was drawn to veterinary medicine because of her love for animals. Nadine lost her childhood German Shepherd to cancer while attending college. This experience cemented her decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She is currently taking classes to fulfill prerequisites to apply to veterinary school. Nadine is also a judo instructor at Saiei Dojo in Bellevue, with 20+ years of experience.

Alex H., Veterinary Assistant

Alex's Bio
Alex has been with AMCS since August of 2016 as an overnight ER/ICU Veterinary Assistant. She started in the veterinary field about five years ago, and has been in love with the profession since day one. She originally started as a receptionist, and as her love for the field grew, so did her skills and desire to advance further. After being a receptionist for only six months, she started training to become a Veterinary Assistant. She is currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician and plans to continue to specialize in emergency and critical care.

When she’s not working, you can usually find her hiking and exploring the outdoors, spending time with her four dogs or relaxing with a good book.

Gretchen T., Veterinary Assistant

Gretchen's Bio
Gretchen has been with AMCS since April of 2015 as a Veterinary Assistant. She was originally in our Oncology department but transferred to ER/ICU in May of 2016. Gretchen has been in the veterinary field for nearly three years as an assistant and is currently working towards becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Gretchen received a BA in International Studies and studied abroad in Japan where she focused on Japanese Art History and speaks Japanese fluently. While in college in California, she volunteered at a South Los Angeles County animal shelter and gained a lot of experience in shelter medicine. After working as an art teacher for many years at a Japanese language-immersion preschool, she decided to pursue her passion: working with animals.

Gretchen’s interests in the veterinary field include respiratory cases, laboratory procedures, aspiration pneumonia and wound care. She has a particular soft spot for French Bulldogs and is known as the “Frenchie Whisperer.” In her spare time, she enjoys painting, watching movies, eating Japanese food with her husband, running and snuggling with her French Bulldog/Miniature Schnauzer mix, Turtle and French Bulldog, Matcha.

Sydney D., Veterinary Assistant

Sydney's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Gabrielle T., Veterinary Assistant

Gabrielle's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Kennel Attendants

Pam F., Kennel Attendant

Pam's Bio
Pam has worked at AMCS since 2009. She started as an assistant in our ER/ICU department and is now involved in many tasks throughout the hospital as well as patient observation, monitoring, and care. She now has over 27 years of experience working at veterinary hospitals.

As a teenager and young adult, Pam volunteered at the Seattle Humane Society and worked at private kennels. Her passions outside of work include gardening, cars, and her beloved cats, ducks, and her senior dog.

Kayla C., Kennel Attendant

Kayla's Bio
Kayla has been working at AMCS since July of 2016 in our ER/ICU department as a Kennel Attendant. Working in emergency medicine has been a very insightful experience for her because of the variety of cases that are seen at the hospital. She is always amazed by what she sees coming in the front door. Caring for animals has always been a passion for Kayla, whether it’s her own or someone else’s.

Kayla is also a student at Shorewood High School, and is a member of her high school’s marching band. Outside of work and school she is an enthusiastic gamer and an aspiring artist and writer. She also enjoys playing and napping with her one-eyed chocolate Lab Kahlua.

Referral Coordinators

Bailey M., Referral Coordinator

Bailey's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Danielle B., Referral Coordinator

Danielle's Bio
Danielle has been working at AMCS since September 2016 as a Referral Coordinator, where she enjoys interacting with clients and their pets. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to the United States when she was 10 years old. Even though she always loved animals from a young age, she never saw herself working in the veterinary field. Danielle graduated from the University of Washington in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics hoping to become a high school math teacher. In 2012 she was lucky enough to have met and cared for a stray orange tabby cat named Meelo. Sadly, he passed away from bladder cancer in 2014, but it was at that moment when she realized she wanted to pursue an animal-focused career.

After her wedding in December, she plans to go back to school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Danielle lives in Seattle with her fiancé, their two cats Daisy and Noah and their Pomeranian Rocky. Outside of work she enjoys being a pet mommy, fostering cats for a local shelter, hiking/working out, and playing video games.

Chanel A., Referral Coordinator

Chanel's Bio
Chanel has been with AMCS since July of 2011. She originally started as an overnight triage assistant and eventually took a position as a Referral Coordinator. Chanel graduated from Pima Medical Institute’s Veterinary Assistant program in 2007 and took a job working for a small family owned veterinary clinic for 4 years. As hard as it was leaving behind her regular clients, she decided to try her hand in emergency medicine.

Chanel was drawn to veterinary medicine since she was a little girl. She and her family used to show English Springer Spaniels, which helped contribute to her love of animals. She was always excited to go to the vet with her dogs and learn all about the clinic.

Chanel has a 1-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Levi, and their newest family member Tully who is still just a puppy. In Chanel’s spare time she enjoys concerts, movies, spending time with her family and curling up with a good book and her adorable furry family.

Kassandra A., Referral Coordinator

Kassandra's Bio
Bio Coming Soon.

Management Team

Tim M., LVT, CVPM, Practice Manager

Tim's Bio
Tim’s career in the veterinary field began in 2008 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in an Internal Medicine specialty practice. In 2010, his journey led him to AMCS as an Oncology Technician. In 2013, Tim became our Practice Manager. In August of 2018, he earned his CVPM designation (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager). He is very proud to be a part of the AMCS team and thoroughly enjoys working with dedicated, passionate professionals.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys wine tasting, cooking, traveling and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.

April P., LVT, Hospital Manager

April's Bio
April has been in the veterinary field for nearly 20 years with the majority of her experience in anesthetic and surgical nursing. She participated in a year-long externship in surgical and critical care anesthesia under a veterinary technician specialist from the UC Davis veterinary teaching hospital. She moved to Seattle to pursue her dream of working in specialty medicine and found her home at Animal Medical Center of Seattle as an ER/ICU LVT. Over time, she was promoted to Shift Lead and Nursing Manager. She is now AMCS’s Hospital Manager. She has lectured at Pima Medical Institute and to the veterinary community about various topics related to veterinary staff training, team dynamics and customer service. She was nominated for the VECCS Practice Manager of the Year award in 2016. She has special interest in cardiovascular emergencies, airway management and total intravenous anesthesia.

In her spare time, April enjoys participating in Seattle’s independent film community, photography and spending time with her family.

Dayna W., Accounting/Services Manager

Dayna's Bio
Dayna’s career in the veterinary field began in 2008 as a receptionist at a general practice. In 2012, her journey led her to AMCS as a receptionist. In 2014 Dayna became our Accounting and Services Manager. To this day she is very proud to be a part of the AMCS family and thoroughly enjoys working with everyone here.

In her spare time, Dayna enjoys scrapbooking, BBQs, camping and exploring the variety of beautiful scenery that Washington has to offer. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, family and her Miniature Schnauzer, Schatzy.

Jina S., LVT, Marketing Manager

Jina's Bio
Jina attended Pima Medical Institute to earn her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and passed the national exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2012. She started her career as an LVT at AMCS shortly after, working graveyards in the ER/ICU department. When a position opened up a year later in Internal Medicine, Jina jumped at the opportunity to learn something new and became AMCS’ newest Internal Medicine Technician. After working as an LVT at AMCS for 3 1/2 years, she moved on to a career in real estate marketing as an Operations Specialist. She just couldn’t stay away from the wonderful people at AMCS though and took a position as Marketing Specialist in August of 2016. She hasn’t looked back since.

Jina has an American Eskimo Dog named Silver who works very hard in her office as the “Assistant Marketing Specialist.” She also has a 13-year-old Tortishell cat at home named Felicia. In her spare time, Jina can be found hiking, camping, horseback riding, practicing yoga, playing video games, or binge-watching Netflix.

Meaghan O., Inventory Specialist

Meaghan's Bio
Bio coming soon.