Zooey is an adorable, and very snuggly, “Morkie” who recently celebrated her ninth birthday. Zooey had bilateral cataracts (cataracts in both eyes) due to diabetes mellitus. Cataract development in diabetic dogs usually occurs very quickly and typically both eyes are affected at the same time. This type of cataract will continue to progress and lead to complete blindness. She was referred to our ophthalmologist, Dr. Kristina Gronkiewicz, to see if she was a surgical candidate for bilateral cataract surgery. Thankfully, she was!

Cataract surgery removes the cataract from the eyes to restore vision. This procedure involves the ultrasonic breakdown of the cataract similar to the procedure performed in people. Typically, an artificial lens is placed after the cataract has been removed. The purpose of the artificial lens is to provide better near vision as well as good far vision.

Zooey’s surgery went well and we are happy to report that she now has 100% vision back. She can now see her favorite stuffed spider toy, and all the sights when she ventures out to explore the world! We are so happy for Zooey and her wonderful family!

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