Zucca, which translates to “Pumpkin” in Italian, is an adorable dapple Dachshund who comes to see our Internal Medicine department for elevated liver values and suspected Irritable Bowel Disease. Zucca came to see us to get an abdominal ultrasound and was the perfect patient for us! Can you believe that she is 16 years old?
Zucca loves everyone, from kids to dogs, and is an innate explorer inside and outside. When she is off-leash in a safe environment, whether at a party or in her condo hallway that leads to nowhere, she is content to investigate every square inch. When Zucca was young, her owner taught her to make her toys squeak on cue when she says “make it squeak”. When Zucca’s dinner is ready, she will excitedly run and get a squeaker toy and bring it back to where she is fed. Occasionally, they will get a pile-up of toys in that area.
Zucca’s family have truly never seen her grouchy; she was born happy and loves life! When she comes to visit us at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle, she genuinely loves the entire staff and we all in return love her too. She is such a sweet girl and we are glad that she is doing better.

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