Niko is a very handsome and energetic eight-year-old Poodle who is seen at the AMCS Internal Medicine department for Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism) that was diagnosed in February of 2018. Addison’s disease occurs when the adrenal glands stop producing hormones that regulate electrolytes and the ability to compensate when stressed or ill. If not treated, Addison’s disease can lead to an “Addisonian crisis” which is a life-threatening condition that typically presents itself with vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, collapse, inappetence, and lethargy.

Niko wasn’t always the ball of energy he is today. Before Niko was diagnosed and treated, he had a long history of inappetence and weight loss. But once he was started on medications that replace the missing hormones normally produced by the adrenal glands he’s like a puppy again, full of energy and feeling great! Although he will need to be on these medications for life, he has a very good prognosis and is able to lead a normal dog life with his family.

We are all happy Niko is doing so well!

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