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Most often our clients are referred to us by their family veterinarian. While this recommendation is not necessary to make an appointment to see one of our Specialists, it is customary. We work with your family veterinarian and you, the pet owner, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet. This assures the best continuity of care and success. Your family veterinarian will recommend a specialist that they feel can best help your pet.

A specialist is a veterinarian who has pursued additional training in a particular discipline, normally by completing a one-year internship, followed by a two-three year residency. Also, they must publish original research and pass rigorous board examinations to earn the title Diplomate. In general, veterinary specialists only provide medical care in their area of expertise and do not offer routine wellness care. It is for this reason that the specialist and your family veterinarian work together as health care partners.

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