In the late morning of February 1st, 2023, a dryer fire broke out at a doggie daycare facility on Lake City Way in Seattle. Fortunately, all the dogs and employees were successfully evacuated from the building and first responders, Seattle Animal Control, and good Samaritans were able to help contain them. Firefighters provided oxygen to the most critical dogs and transported them to our hospital for smoke inhalation.

Smoke inhalation injuries can occur with exposure to smoke in large or small quantities. Fires produce a variety of damaging substances, each of which can affect a pet’s airways, lungs, and overall well-being. These irritants can trigger airway inflammation and constriction, as well as other lung damage. The irritants found in smoke may vary, depending on the substances that are being burned. Also, the heat contained within smoke can lead to burns within the airways and lungs, triggering severe swelling and inflammation.

One of the most critical dogs that we saw was Nova, a very sweet 10-year-old Great Pyrenees. Nova was a rescue from Big Dog Rescue Project. She had been surrendered by a 92-year-old woman who had her from a puppy, but circumstances changed, and she could not care for Nova anymore. Her forever family had reached out about a different dog, but it turned out he had been adopted; however, they had just gotten Nova and sent her info along. It felt like it was meant to be and she has been part of their family since.

When she presented to our emergency department, Nova’s breathing was labored and she was weak and lethargic. Blood work revealed evidence of low oxygenation in the blood and possible tissue damage, but x-rays did not reveal any abnormalities. She was treated with oxygen, fluid support, antinausea medications and medications to protect her oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract. It was a scary situation, but she was in the best place she could be and she made a ton of friends here at the Animal Medical Center of Seattle. Thankfully, after a couple of days in our hospital, she was able to go home.
Nova’s family is grateful to the team at Animal Medical Center of Seattle for the care she received and is happy to report that she is doing well at home and is back to playing with her sister dog, Halley, getting plenty of belly rubs and rolling around in the dirt.
Sherman on couch