Rosie is a beautiful 12-year-old American Eskimo Dog born November 29th, 2005. Rosie’s mother was an American Eskimo named Roxy, who was owned by a family in Bellevue. Rosie has three sisters from Roxy’s litter and one of her sisters, Ruby, is also owned by her family. Since the beginning, both Roxie and Ruby have been inseparable and miss each other when not together.

Rosie and Ruby look alike but have very different personalities. Rosie is gentle and calm; Ruby is a little rebel who likes to stir things up. Both sisters have their owners well trained. When these two girls aren’t howling a song, they are running around the backyard or sitting on the front deck people watching. True to their breed, they’re also excellent security guards and welcome everyone with a few barks.

Sadly, In December of 2017, Rosie was diagnosed with diabetes and very quickly developed cataracts as a side effect to her diagnosis. Thankfully her family was able to get surgery to correct Rosie’s cataracts at the Eye Clinic and are seeing Dr. Donovan and the Internal Medicine Team at Animal Medical Center of Seattle to treat her diabetes. Rosie’s family is very grateful that she was able to get the very best care when she needed it most. They are thankful to the staff at AMCS and the Animal Eye Clinic for the excellent care she has received, and we are in return thankful that we were able to help such a wonderful family treat their special girl, Rosie.

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