Meaghan O’Kelly, Veterinary Assistant (Oncology) – EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Focus, Compassion, an eagerness to learn, attention to detail and empathy towards her patients are just a few of the many reasons Meaghan has been chosen for February 2017’s Employee of the Month. Meaghan started her career with the Animal Medical Center of Seattle as an extern, and then was hired as an employee in February of 2016. It was clear from the beginning she was compassionate and eager to learn, and it didn’t take long before she found her niche working in the Oncology department.

She has been an asset not only to Oncology but also the entire hospital. On a daily basis, she arrives to work focused and ready to hit the ground running. Meaghan is noticeably intelligent and creative, and often receives compliments from her peers about her ideas. Her attention to detail serves clients, patients, and her peers well.

Animal Medical Center of Seattle is proud to have her as an employee. Thank you for everything you do for our hospital Meaghan!